“It’s not the ‘persistence of vision’ but a ‘vision of persistence’ which creates that mesmerizing world we lovingly call ‘Cinema’.”


– Biswanath Rath (CEO)

BnR Films | Contact Us
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Contact Us

Head Office (Chennai)

BnR Films LLP

Okkiyam, Thuraipakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600096 (India)

Contact No: +91-99625 76444

E-Mail: info@bnrfilms.in

Web: BnRFilms.in


Pune Office

BnR Films LLP
Unit Head: Biswanath Rath
Laxman Nagar, Baner, Maharashtra

Contact No: +91-9962576444


Mumbai Office

BnR Films LLP

Unit Head: Anurag Upadhyay

Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Contact No: +91-7738840799