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A Multi-Award winning Film Production Studio

If a Picture is worth a thousand words,
imagine what a Video can do

Express, Emote , Connect and Convey your ideas and stories with your customers/target audience.

Be it a TV Commercial or brand film, we believe advertising is all about ‘making the maximum impact in the shortest possible time’. Few of our award-winning Ad-films have proven their merit even without a dialogue.

Corporate Videos

Many believe ‘A film gets made on the editing table.’ And so do we. To ensure that the film getting made is a high quality one, we have an equally high quality Editing Team. 

2D / 3D Animated Videos

Looking for a quick teaser to showcase the product/service offered by your startup or App ? Our Animation/VFX team are there to address your need, at the right cost, with right quality and timely delivery.

Music Videos

In a ‘Music Video’, the word ‘Music’ comes first ? Why ? Cause Music is the foundation on which the video is made. If our English Music Video ‘Feel The Passion’ received International acclaim, our latest Tamil Music Video ‘Namma Chennai Chancey illa’ surprised everyone by receiving ‘World Premiere’ at an International Film Festival in Europe.

Documentaries & Social Short Films

From independent story ideas to NGO activities, Govt Documentaries, we work on a variety of formats, subjects and themes. While we type this, we are already working on an independent Documentary (English).

Web Series

‘Web series are in, Soap Operas are out.’ Agreed? We started our ‘Web Series’ journey with ‘Uncut Hyderabad’ ; a Travel Series on unique nuances of Hyderabad. The film had it’s World Festival Premiere at California in July 2017.  Today, we have got an interesting line-up of web series. 

Videos that tell your story

In an age dominated by Digital Media / Social Media, the importance/significance of Videos/Films in effectively conveying strong messages/ideas can’t be more emphasised. Thanks to the Digital revolution, making a video is easier than ever. But then, what separates a ‘great video’ from a ‘good video’ is the ability to tell a story in the most convincing and engaging way. So what are you waiting for ? Time to tell your story to the entire world…through a video.

What Our Clients Say

  • How did you write a song, record it, write the script, shoot the song and finally edit it so nicely…all this in just 15 days ? It’s unbelievable.

    Karthik Nagappan (The Times of India)
  • I never knew making such an International English Documentary is possible in just 30 days, until I met you. Your work is beyond quantification in terms of money. 

    Shanmuga Patro (Govindalaya)
  • Your script for our corporate video went beyond ‘meeting expectation’. It broke all traditional conventions and started a new chapter in the Advertising Industry in Odisha. 

    Biranchi Narayan Panda (GITA College)

We have worked with some of the
top brands across India

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Quote from BnR

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but in films, it’s the opposite. i.e. Thousand pictures are taken to describe a single word.”

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